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Greta marches in Bordeaux against the construction of oil wells.

On Sunday February 11, after her demonstration in Tarn in France, she supported opponents of the construction of new oil wells. WE MUST ACT!
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  • Esther Wanjiku

    7 w

    Greta the Great! She truly has been a beacon of resilience in the climate change advocacy journey.

    • Elizabeth Gathigia

      7 w

      She is a true climate chapion and I think the review should go to Greta

      • Chris Ndungu

        7 w

        Campaigning for the right things is a commendable work. Her voice will amplify the voices of many to ensure our environment is well protected. Keep going.

        • Edwin wangombe

          7 w

          please direct this climate love to @Greta

          • winnie nguru

            7 w

            She always does an incredible job campaigning for the right things. She is the voice of many

            • Kevin

              7 w

              Thunberg is a sure force to reckon with, always on the right side of history

              • Saustine Lusanzu

                7 w

                I think this review could be addressed to Greta since she has an account here

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