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Today is International Plastic Overshoot Day

"Life in plastic it's fantastic!" As the world is crowding movie theaters to watch a film about the plastic icon Barbie, we are faced with a pretty alarming reality: our annual plastic consumption has surpassed the Earth's capacity to recycle and absorb its waste.
This year, July 28 marks International Plastic Overshoot Day, a solemn reminder of the urgent need to address plastic pollution. This initiative taken by the NGO EA - Earth Action is derived from the concept of Earth Overshoot Day, which calculates the point in the year when humanity has used up its share of the planet's renewable resources. For plastic, this date signifies when we have consumed more plastic than can be effectively recycled and reprocessed in a sustainable manner.
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According to recent reports, the global demand for plastic has surged, and sadly, a considerable portion of it ends up in landfills, incinerated, or worse, polluting our oceans and endangering marine life. This escalating issue calls for immediate action, and recycling remains one of the most crucial steps in mitigating plastic waste.
EA has developed a classification of different countries to look at their plastic consumption, plastic import and export, recycling rate, and their impact on the global plastic crisis, some of the categories include:
Transactors: High plastic consumption, well-managed waste, export/import waste for optimization.
Self-Sustainers: Medium to high plastic consumers, manage waste internally, and invest in sustainable waste management.
Strugglers: Medium to high plastic consumers, face challenges in managing waste, and inadequate infrastructure/resources.
Overloaders: High plastic consumers, export significant waste, overload waste management systems in other countries.
Toxic Exporters: High plastic consumers, mismanaged waste, significant participants in global waste trade.
Waste Saviors: Moderate plastic consumption, manage waste well, take responsibility for waste from other
Using these categories, and just like Earth Overshoot Day, EA has been able to define a Plastic Overshoot Day for each country:
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Check out your country's plastic overshoot day here:

While the global plastic crisis deepening, various countries have implemented recycling initiatives and infrastructure to tackle this pressing challenge. These recycling champions serve as inspiring examples for the rest of the world.
Germany leads the way with its efficient waste management system, boasting a recycling rate of over 50% for plastic packaging. The country's well-established recycling infrastructure and public awareness campaigns have significantly contributed to its success in reducing plastic waste. Slovenia is another standout performer, achieving a recycling rate of around 42%. The nation's focus on waste separation and recycling facilities has been pivotal in its ability to recycle a substantial amount of plastic waste.
Taiwan, a pioneer in recycling policies, has also made remarkable progress in recent years. With a recycling rate of approximately 35%, Taiwan's efforts have set an example for other Asian countries. Additionally, the Netherlands and Sweden are among the leading nations with recycling rates of 30% and 28%, respectively. These countries have implemented innovative waste management practices and actively encouraged citizen participation in recycling programs.
International Plastic Overshoot Day is a powerful reminder of the plastic pollution crisis we face. It's more than time for nations to take concrete actions to reverse the damage done.

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  • Grace Njeri

    46 w

    The severity of plastic pollution exerts an adverse effect on the environment and total ecosystem.

    • Rashid Kamau

      46 w

      The impacts of mismanaged plastic pollution on the climate is an urgent development challenge.

      • Munene Mugambi

        46 w

        We have to finally get to terms with the plastic menace and deal with it forever

        • Patrick Kiash

          46 w

          I commend the Earth Action for their great initiative and even for developing a classification to look at consumption of plastics in different countries.

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