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A revolutionary Short-loop chemical recycling innovation to remove toxic additives and contaminants in plastics.

Pyrowave is proud to introduce its revolutionary Nanopurification Technology. Applied to plastic waste, this technology operates at the molecular level to remove contaminants from polymers with perfect control on purified resins. It specifically addresses a challenge faced by most plastic waste recyclers including advanced recycling: the presence of contaminants in plastic waste and in pyrolysis oil. has highlighted the challenges of handling hazardous chemicals present in plastics – additives and contaminants that represent major concerns to human health and the environment. Pyrowave's solution offers a plastic waste pre-treatment to purify the resins that can be used in advanced recycling methods sensitive to contaminants, or directly into final applications. What this means for advanced recyclers, is that pre-treating the feedstock and removing problematic additives upstream allows for a higher quality pyrolysis oil which in turn, allows to increase the threshold of recycled oil added into steam crackers. : Pyrowave's nanopurification technology

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    29 w

    This is a promising innovation

    • Princess

      30 w

      This has the potential to make a substantial contribution to creating a cleaner and more sustainable approach to plastic recycling.

      • George Kariuki

        31 w

        Impressive. This technology represents a promising breakthrough in the realm of plastic recycling, offering a molecular-level approach to effectively remove contaminants from polymers.

        • Joseph Githinji

          31 w

          This is a great avenue to reduce plastic pollution and its effects. Thank you to the technology advanced by @pyrowave

          • Jane Wangui

            31 w

            @joseph_githinji plastics have done a major damage to the environment and it's about time we do away with them.

          • walter lungayi

            32 w

            This technology sounds very promising and could have a significant impact on reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste. It's great to see innovative solutions being developed to tackle the issue of toxic additives and contaminants in plastics. I hope this technology can be scaled up and implemented widely to help create a more sustainable future.

            • Grace Njeri

              32 w

              Fantastic innovation.

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