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Decarbonization of Built Environment
This is Jessie Chuang with Global League - a vetted network for professional or accredited investors to identify the most impactful ventures for impact investing. This newsletter summarizes investment trends in the built environment decarbonization, and you are invited to a panel discussion.
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Green Building Startup Investments at Record High in 2023
Global investment in clean energy had been on track to reach an all-time high in 2023 – $1.8T – according to IEA, $500 billion more than in 2022. And one of the agreements from COP28 is a commitment to triple the world’s capacity of wind, solar, and other renewable energy by 2030, concurrent with a doubling of the pace of energy efficiency gains. Although VC investments in climate tech decreased almost 40% YoY like the general trend, VC funding into green buildings had the best year ever in 2023 according to a report published by 2150 and Dealroom in 2023 November – Funding for green building startups is already at record high levels with $5.3B in 2023, projected to grow over 3x in respect to 2020, as below.

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On Jan. 12, 2024, our ClimateTech Investor Panel will invite/welcome investors, industry experts, and entrepreneurs to have a discussion on this topic.
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