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Germany considers €1 billion in support for 10 fossil fuel projects overseas

Germany is considering support for at least 10 foreign fossil fuel projects worth over €1 billion ($1bn), despite its pledge to end international funding for coal, oil and gas.
In response to a parliamentary question from a left-wing German lawmaker, the state secretary at the ministry of economic affairs and climate action Udo Philipp said the government is considering 10 applications for export credit guarantees for fossil energy projects in Brazil, Iraq, Uzbekistan, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

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  • Joyce Waturu

    59 w

    It's certainly ridiculous for Germany to end fossil fuel mining projects one day and fund the same overseas on another day. It really doesn't make any sense. There's need to delve deep into these kind of moves so as not to be put in the dark only to wake up and realize that it still business as usual.

    • Edwin wangombe

      78 w

      That is stupidity of highest order

      • Peter Kamau

        78 w


        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          78 w

          Germany should see renewable energy as the future and support it, instead of funding fossil fuel projects that bring so much harm to our planet

          • Jack Lais

            78 w


            • Tabitha Kimani

              78 w

              Instead of supporting renewable clean energy? They are visionless.

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