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Kenyan President William Ruto underscores the importance of the Youth in combating climate change and leading environmental courses. President William Ruto has reiterated his commitment to the climate discourse and emphasized the need for young people to join hands in efforts to combat climate change. This he said as he met a very young climate change advocate Mutinda Mutuku who had graced the inaugural tree planting day at Makueni county. The president said that he is hopeful of a bright green future with such young blood as Mutuku who have taken it upon themselves to champion for climate change policies and lead tree planting efforts that restore the environment.

  • winnie nguru

    20 w

    Sure the youths, women and children ought to be a part of this

    • Munene Mugambi

      20 w

      The call is right and it is upon the youth to take care of the planet by embracing environmental responsibility

      • Rashid Kamau

        20 w

        It's time to recognize young people as equal partners in safeguarding the earth for all generations.

        • zelda ninga

          20 w

          Proud of our President for he's really a good example to others on how to save our planet

          • George Kariuki

            20 w

            Leadership that recognizes and supports the active participation of young advocates in environmental causes sets a positive example for others to follow.

            • Esther Wanjiku

              20 w

              Really exciting to see the President vouching for the young generation to lead the way in combating climate change and developing sustainable solutions

              • Rotich Kim

                20 w

                True definition of green energy is when a leader like president Ruto is in the Frontline in savings our environment 💪

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