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🌍🏗️ How can we build better & circular? Get ready for the eighth episode of We Don't Have Time and Ragn-Sells Group's eye-opening table talk series on circularity. 🔄 📆 June 19 / 15.00 CEST


👷‍♀️This episode puts the spotlight on circularity in the construction sector—an industry pivotal to meeting climate targets and Sustainable Development Goals. 🌆 Join us as our experts shed light on the challenges and illuminate the vast opportunities that lie within transforming material usage in construction. 🎫 Register now:

#circulareconomy #sustainability #construction #climateaction #SDGs
  • Johannes Luiga

    52 w

    A very important message


      52 w

      Thanks for this talk on circularity. As summarized at the end, I am looking forward to know more about scope 3, material banking, arranging support for research on material recycling in next rounds.


        52 w

        @ Serge Salat : This is great effort. How much area was available for city scale changes in city wide landscape? What percentage is owned by city authorities and by private owners - this information shall enable other cities and towns to opt for landscape management.

        • Majdi Alnajjar

          52 w

          Circularity of ecological future 💚

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