What was your carbon footprint 2023?

2023 has been the hottest year ever recorded and global CO2-emissions are at an all-time high. On the positive side, it seems feasible that 2023 could be the year when global emissions finally peaked and the question now is if it is still possible to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees, or preferably 1.5 degrees C.
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So what does it take to limit global warming to +1.5 degrees Celsius?

The Exponential Roadmap initiative shows that we can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius if we follow "the carbon law" of halving halving our carbon emissions every decade. The good news is that we can achieve the first halving by 2030 simply by scaling existing solutions.
But to gain momentum in this exponential transformation, it is necessary that the entire socio-economic "trinity" interoperate:
  • Legislators (politicians, authorities) - must correct where the market fails and set rules that stimulate climate friendly solutions and punish environmental degradation.
  • Producers (companies and the public sector) - need to take responsibility for the carbon emissions caused by their products and services and switch to fossil free solutions. Furthermore, they need to influence their stakeholders (suppliers, customers, partners, etc.) to follow suit.
  • Consumers (You and I) - need to reduce our carbon footprint through lifestyle changes and resolutely demand climate friendly solutions (from producers) and democratically influence (legislators) to act.
A good start is to calculate and reflect on your own climate impact for 2023. With ClimateHero's carbon calculator, you can calculate your carbon footprint in just 5 minutes. You will then receive feedback on what you are already doing well and suggestions on how to reduce your footprint. The reduction suggestions you accept are saved as your climate pledge, i.e. your New Year's resolution for 2024.

  • George Kariuki

    14 w

    Great tool! Let's make 2024 the year where the seeds of hope planted in 2023 blossom into a sustainable future for all.

    • Patrick Kiash

      14 w

      Below is one of very impactful message, at least one of the important advice i got on my journey toward my carbon footprint of this year! Am improving! .....Anyway its true "The first step to reducing your emissions is knowing more about what causes them, and here you are – learning more about what makes up your own carbon footprint as well as the things you can do to reduce it".

      • Ingmar Rentzhog

        14 w

        I began with a carbon footprint of 15, and have now reduced it to 4.3. It's enlightening to be aware of the size of my carbon footprint, and I've realized that everyone can easily lower their emissions, especially in the beginning. Halving one's carbon footprint is not as difficult as many might think. However, reducing emissions to the necessary level becomes challenging when the rest of society operates differently. It's not just extremely hard; it's also not the most efficient way to create change. With that in mind, I believe it’s crucial for everyone to measure their carbon footprint and strive to reduce it as much as possible. The most significant step is to motivate others to follow suit and to advocate for regulations and corporate initiatives. This will make it feasible to sustain a lifestyle with a carbon footprint of less than 2 tons per year. Thanks for creating this tool team Climate Hero. 1 million user is very impressive. Imagine if it were mandatory to report your carbon footprint alongside your income to the tax authority

        • Robert Sabelström

          15 w

          The first time I calculated my carbon footprint it was over 20 tons Co2e/year. Today I am down to 3 tons per year and will try to trim it to 2.5 tons. Note that it is very difficult to get below 2 tons per year and have a "climate hero" lifestyle, but on the other hand, it is surprisingly easy to get below 5 tons and be a climate friend, through some conscious lifestyle choices.

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