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Riparian forests

This idea is in line with our sustainable development goal number 13. i.e., Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Climate change is a real and undeniable threat to our entire civilization. A riverine forest or riparian forest is a forested or wooded area of land adjacent to a body of water such as a river, stream, pond, lake, marshland, or estuary. However, over recent years, there has been a forecasted change in weather patterns which in turn has impacted our global climatic conditions, hence too much heat from the sun dries up waterbodies and makes it difficult for the survival of vegetation on riparian lands. These forests are of great importance if preserved because provide a source of livelihood for thousands of people, as well as fuel wood, timber, fodder, honey, and tannin. They also serve as carbon sinks and protect the surrounding areas from the severity of floods. We all need to embark on serious afforestation programs which will bring change and help revive our riparian forests. These changes will also provide huge opportunities to modernize our infrastructure which will create new jobs and promote greater prosperity across the globe.

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