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Azelio at COP27: “We are enablers for renewable energy.”

In November Azelio participated in the COP27 Climate Hub, an on-site and digital broadcast hosted by We Don’t Have Time from the UN climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Ralf Wiesenberg, Azelio’s Vice President of Business Development, joined the broadcast to talk about the importance of long-duration energy storage in the renewable transition.
Ralf Wiesenberg joined the COP27 Climate Hub on Energy Day, November 15, to talk about Azelio’s solution for long-duration storage and the supply of clean power.

For society to reach a high percentage of renewable energy use, we need a global deployment of long-duration energy storage. Ralf Wiesenberg brought this message to the Exponential Solutions session on Energy in the COP27 diplomatic zone, to highlight to governments, business leaders, and end-users that it’s not enough to just scale up renewables like solar and wind - we need to make sure that the energy gets to the customer when they need it, day or night. Adding long-duration energy storage near the consumer is the ideal solution.
Ralf joined an expert panel after his presentation and reaffirmed the point that the Azelio TES.POD system is an enabler for reliable and affordable renewable energy. A secure energy supply to all communities requires a stable grid that can handle the transference of energy - that’s not always available, which is where Azelio’s distributed energy storage and dispatchable power comes into play. By introducing solar panels and TES.POD energy storage facilities near consumers like farms or rurally located industries, the dependence on unreliable energy grids and the need to use polluting fossil back-up sources are reduced significantly. At the same time, energy security is increased and the availability of clean heat and electricity is maximized for everyone who needs it.
Ralf explained how this is being done in practice today: “We have two agricultural projects, one is a poultry farm in South Africa, where we combine renewable energy from solar with our storage to provide almost 24/7 renewable energy to the farmer. The other project is here in Egypt, where we have a project to create food, water, and energy close to the farmers. For me, that is the way forward.”

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  • Shaligram Singh

    20 w

    I’m interested in becoming Visel blower and trying hard to install CBG Units in Rural areas of State Bihar District Gaya Block konch and Tekari.

    • Sarah Chabane

      25 w

      It was great to hear more about long-duration energy storage from Azelio, this is definitely the future of renewable energy!

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