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Renovating the Swedish train tracks inefficiently might create 5-10 years chaos

Renovating the existing railway and not choosing the most time effective way will create many years of chaos on the Swedish railways. Pls listen to the politicians, the business community and the hundreds of thousands of people using trains for commuting. If you move on with the existing plans maybe 5-10 years of train commuting chaos will occur and many people will have to start using cars and airplanes instead. Please rethink and come up with a faster and more time efficient solution. Many thanks in advance from a regular train commuter.

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  • George Kariuki

    31 w

    The government needs to weigh the costs and benefits of all options before making a decision.

    • walter lungayi

      31 w

      It is important for the renovation process to be well-planned and executed efficiently in order to minimize disruptions to train services and ensure smooth operations. Proper coordination and management are necessary to prevent extended periods of chaos and inconvenience for commuters and travelers.

      • Markus Lutteman

        31 w

        Why don't we take the 6,4 billion SEK that we use to subsidize fossil fuels in Sweden, and put it here instead?

        • Gorffly mokua

          31 w

          @markus_lutteman_141 Maybe all they need is a climate conscious advisor!!

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          31 w

          Efficient rail renovation is crucial to prevent long-term chaos and discourage less sustainable transportation options. Let's prioritize climate-friendly solutions and heed the concerns of commuters and stakeholders.

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