Climate warning


Climate warning

There can not be fossil fuels lobbyists at a serious climate conference

The ongoing COP27 climate conference have 636 registered lobbyists from the fossil fuel industry, which is an increase with more than 25% compared to COP26 in Glasgow last year. At COP27 in there is only one country with a larger delegation than the registered fossil fuel lobbyists, the United Arab Emirates, which shows how huge the number of lobbyists is at this year’s climate conference. The large presence of the fossil fuel industry at COP27 have been widely criticized. One reason is that corporate interests risk to diminish voices and delegations from the countries most affected by global warming, and as well risk to “stymieing negotiations at an essential time”. Additionally is the fact that fossil industries are allowed to participate in climate conferences highly contradictory, due to their well known large climate impact, according to my subjective view. To summarize, fossil fuel lobbyists can not be allowed to participate in crucial climate negotiations and conferences, where they risk to hinder climate action work. We need the most efficient and serious global cooperation possible to mitigate effects of global warming to the fullest. Source: The Guardian. 2022. “‘Explosion’ in number of fossil fuel lobbyists at Cop27 climate summit”. Note: This climate warming goes to the organizers at COP27, as well as other climate conferences where fossil fuel lobbyists have been able to participate. It is a general warning that fossil fuel industries should not be allowed in climate negotiations.

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  • Tabitha Kimani

    27 w

    Its quite ridiculous.

    • Thomas Tienso

      27 w

      Why can't some of the top scientists with the gift of the word put them in place in front of the whole COP27? Once and for all! Johan Rockström!!? Gather a team. There are thousands of studies and reports that will beat whatever fables they are referring to. Anyone trying to defend fossil fuels on behalf of the progress to replace them with fossil free alternatives must treated as a villain. Name them and their companies. Don’t accept to let them even AIR their arguments unless they start with showing what scientific proof they have gathered that justifies what they are going to say!

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