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Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau announces $800M fund for indigenous-led conservation projects

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new 800 million dollar fund to support Indigenous-led conservation initiatives. This investment is part of the government’s plan to repair its relationship with Indigenous Peoples and to protect the environment. Trudeau announced the fund at COP-15, the biodiversity summit held in Montreal, Canada. Indigenous protecting nature in 4 areas throughout Canada The fund will help Indigenous communities to protect natural areas and species. It will provide funding for land acquisition and co-management agreements, as well as for community-led monitoring and stewardship programs. The fund will also support Indigenous-led research and innovation. The four projects that will receive financial support take place throughout the whole of Canada. From British Columbia to Nunavut and the Northwest Territories to Ontario. Those places are the natural habitats of thousands of species of whales, otters, birds and fish. Watch here Prime Minister Trudeau announce the fund for 4 projects during COP-15. Indigenous Peoples have a special connection to the land and a deep understanding of the natural world. They have been taking care of the land for generations and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. This new fund will help Indigenous communities to continue protecting the environment and preserving their cultural heritage. It will also help to build capacity within these communities and support the development of new conservation leaders. Recognising and respecting Indigenous Peoples In addition to the environmental benefits, this new fund is also an important step in the process of reconciliation between the government and Indigenous Peoples. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which Canada has endorsed, recognises the rights of Indigenous Peoples to maintain and strengthen their cultural traditions and values, including their relationship to the land and their natural resources. Supporting Indigenous-led conservation initiatives is a crucial part of recognising and respecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples. It allows Indigenous communities to take the lead in protecting their traditional territories and cultural heritage, and it helps to ensure that their voices are heard in decision-making processes that affect their lands and resources. By investing in Indigenous-led conservation, the government is taking a step towards fulfilling its obligations under the UN Declaration and supporting the human rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. It is a positive step forward in the ongoing journey towards reconciliation and a more fair and equal society. Overall, this new fund is a positive investment in the future of conservation in Canada. It will provide Indigenous communities with the resources they need to continue their important work, and it will help to protect the natural areas and species that are important for our shared environment.

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  • Munene Mugambi

    68 w

    He gets a lot of stick for other things but this is very impressive

    • Daniel Waweru

      69 w

      Good governance

      • mercy nduta

        69 w

        Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) play a critical role in natural resources management especially in the communal areas. It encompasses local technologies, innovations, know-how, skills, practices and beliefs uniting local people to conserve natural resources and their cultural values.

        • Jennie

          69 w

          Glad to hear the communities are being heard and supported

          • winnie nguru

            69 w

            This is such a commited government..good job

            • George Kariuki

              69 w

              It's fantastic to see the Canadian government taking steps to repair its relationship with Indigenous Peoples and invest in conservation initiatives.

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