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Climate warning

Extreme weather could shut down one in 12 hospitals worldwide, report warns

One in 12 hospitals worldwide are at risk of total or partial shutdown from extreme weather events without a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels, a new report warns.
A total of 16,245 hospitals, twice as many as are currently at high risk, will be in this category by the end of the century without a change in pace, according to a report released on Saturday by Cross Dependency Initiative (XDI), a climate risk analyst. It adds that a residential or commercial building with this level of risk would be considered uninsurable.
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  • Jane Wangui

    16 w

    When hospitals are closed where will people seek medical attention? The effects of this will be really advanced.

    • Kevin

      19 w

      This really highlights the problem we have at hand and how intense it could get if we do not take immediate action

      • Grace Njeri

        19 w

        @Kevin This should serve as a reflection of tomorrow, if only we delay in matter climate action.

      • johnte ndeto

        19 w

        Climate crisis can be so severe and affect human kind negatively thus measures should be put in place to prepare for any possible hazards

        • Grace Njeri

          19 w

          @johnte_ndeto True,measures should be put in place to prevent such from happening in the future.

        • Princess

          19 w

          Tackling the potential challenges posed by these astronomical numbers requires collective efforts

          • CHRIS NGATIA

            19 w

            This is terrible news !!

            • Munene Mugambi

              19 w

              The numbers quoted here are astronomical and would absolutely paradise our healthcare systems

              • winnie nguru

                19 w

                This is not right at all

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