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Climate warning

French conglomerate Tereos, provider of raw sugar to Nestlé, caught spreading illegal pesticides in Brazil

French group Tereos, exploiter of over 300.000 hectars of sugar cane plantation in Brazil and important provider of Nestlé, has been caught using pesticides "Actara 750 SG" which has been banned since 2019, and "Opera", banned in the European Union.
"When they pulverise pesticides over the fields, it eventually burns everything: the grass, the animals, even ourselves." explains Bianca Lopes, a local organizer of communities living in the vicinity of the fields.

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  • Komu Daniel

    53 w

    this very sad

    • Tabitha Kimani

      53 w

      This is a gross misconduct. Hopefully the necessary punitive measures will be taken.

      • Peter Kamau

        54 w

        This is so evil ⚠️.Companies which consciously collude in sinister activities at the expense of people, animals, biodiversity and the planet should be compelled to close indefinitely until they're justified to resume operations upon compliance failure to which they close for good.

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