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SET100 Job Spotlight: Fast-Track Your Career in climate tech. 👀 Looking to make a real impact on the planet in one of the most crucial sectors of our time? Here's our roundup of the latest job openings at top climate tech start-ups from around the world: Enspired 👤 Vacancies: Business Development Expert, Senior Cloud Infrastructure Expert, Senior Software Development Expert Find out more:

Hyperion Robotics 👤 Vacancies: Structural Engineer, 3D Technician Find out more:

Modvion 👤 Vacancies: Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Sales Manager, Mechanical Test Lead Find out more:

Navalt 👤 Vacancies: IT Experts, Finance Experts, AI Experts, Developers (Junior to Senior) Find out more:

Climateview 👤 Vacancies: Climate Strategy Advisor, Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Senior Backend Engineer Find out more:

BEFC 👤 Vacancies: Chief Industrialisation Officer, R&D Engineer, Marketing Specialist, Apprentice Copywriter, Apprentice Content Creator & more Find out more:

Need Energy 👤 Vacancies: SEO Content Writer, Backend Developer, Electronic Engineer Find out more:

Desolenator 👤 Vacancies: Desalination Process Engineer, Engineering Internships & Thesis Topics Find out more:

⚡️ Stay tuned for more opportunities in the climate tech space. Know someone who'd be perfect for these roles? Tag them below!
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