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Nicolae Ciucă

Climate warning

Stop the Romanian timber mafia from deforestation

Romania is considered to be the country most affected by illegal deforestation in the EU. According to official figures, more than 20 million cubic meters of forest are disappearing in Romania every year (every second tree is logged illegally). For years, critics have accused the Romanian government of not doing enough to combat the "timber mafia." As part of the research, suspected illegal logging in north-eastern Romania was documented. Several EU politicians fear that illegal logging in Romania could increase further this year. Responsible for this is the upcoming super election year 2024 in Romania, in which there are three more elections in addition to the parliamentary elections. "This whole system would not be possible without political backing," says Romanian politician Nicolae Ștefănuță, who represents the Liberals in the European Parliament. "We have to assume that illegal money from forestry could also end up in the campaign coffers." The forthcoming elections could therefore create an incentive to implement even more money. The illegal timber industry is one of the most profitable fields of organized crime worldwide.

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  • We Don't Have Time

    70 w

    Dear Patrik Lobergh Thank you for getting your climate warning to level 2! We have reached out to Nicolae Ciucă and asked for a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Adam We Don't Have Time

    • rosebellendiritu

      72 w

      This should be stopped,political leaders should also be in the fight to end crisis but not making it worse.

      • Tabitha Kimani

        72 w

        Condoning deforestation is a crime against humanity.

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          72 w

          This is very wrong! Romania government should take necessary actions to stop this

          • Sarah Chabane

            72 w

            Yes! This is so important, it's so sad to see a beautiful country like Romania being robbed of its biodiversity and forests because of corrupted politicians!

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