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Decarbonising the world’s industries

Industrial emissions, a major contributor to climate change, could be slashed by a whopping 85% globally, according to a new study. This exciting research paves the way for a cleaner future and achieving net-zero goals.
Led by the University of Leeds, the study explored various technologies, both established and cutting-edge, to decarbonize key industrial sectors like steel, chemicals, and cement. These sectors account for roughly 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
The findings are promising:
Existing technologies like carbon capture and storage, along with switching to cleaner fuels like hydrogen or biomass, can already achieve an average reduction of nearly 85% in most sectors.
Emerging electric technologies, like electric steam crackers, hold the potential to decarbonize 40% to 100% of direct emissions.
Even energy-intensive processes like steel and cement production can see significant reductions thanks to new electrification methods.
The urgency to act is clear. Consumer demand for sustainable products is rising, and industries that fail to adapt risk getting left behind.
This study isn't just theoretical. Some findings have already influenced UK government policies on industrial electrification.
Challenges remain, of course. Costs of new technologies and infrastructure development need to be addressed. But the technical feasibility is no longer in question.
This research is a crucial first step. It informs policymakers about the potential of various technologies and helps them chart the best course towards a cleaner, greener future for industry.
Further research is needed to understand the practicalities of implementing these solutions in different contexts, but the overall message is clear: a significant reduction in industrial emissions is achievable, and the time to act is now.

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  • Princess

    8 w

    It's inspiring to see researchers at the University of Leeds exploring both established and cutting-edge technologies to decarbonize key industrial sectors.

    • Rashid Kamau

      9 w

      Decarbonisation is the key factor in alleviating climate change.

      • Joseph Githinji

        9 w

        Great findings of a vital research that shows possibility to bring down emissions to zero. I only hope all industries will take this findings and recommendations seriously to aid in reducing carbon emmisions.

        • Gorffly mokua

          9 w

          The findings of the study highlight the great potential of research and innovation in achieving net-zero goals, and the need for collective action from governments, industries, and individuals to create a more sustainable future.

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