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The tragedy of the commons
Are you familiar with the term commons?
Our atmosphere also represents such common property, which everyone is allowed to use and unfortunately also overuse as they see fit. The consequence of this overuse is the global climate crisis. However, individuals believe they only have a limited influence when it comes to climate protection, which leads to a lack of sense of responsibility. Similar to the neglect of public places, such as litter lying around in parks or the lack of cleanliness in toilets at highway service stations. It is the same principle: the tragedy of the commons.
How can the dilemma between self-interest and the common good be resolved?
  • Munene Mugambi

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    The atmosphere is a shared resource, often overused, leading to the global climate crisis. Many feel powerless in climate protection, akin to neglecting public spaces, reflecting the tragedy of the commons—where shared resources suffer from individual exploitation. But we are not powerless, we can make a difference albeit a small one and we should

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