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Ever wondered how the renewable energy mix has evolved in the last decade? 💡 Last year, we generated a staggering 7,858 trillion watt-hours (TWh) of electricity from renewable sources. Here is where it came from: 🌊 Hydro power led the pack, providing a massive 55% of our renewable energy. That's 4,275 trillion watt-hours (TWh) of clean, green power right from our rivers and dams! 💨 Wind wasn't far behind, contributing 23% to the mix. That's 1,838 TWh of energy harnessed from the breeze! ☀️ Solar energy shone bright too, with a 13% contribution, equating to 1,034 TWh of sun-powered electricity. 🌿 Bioenergy and 🌋 geothermal energy added 8% and 1% respectively, with marine energy making a small but important contribution. This diverse renewable energy mix is not just a trend! With advancements in technology and increased investment, the future of energy is not just clean, it's renewable. Find out more in the latest IRENA report 👉

#RenewableEnergy #EnergyTransition Source: Renewable Energy Statistics 2023 (IRENA)
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  • Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

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    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and the ongoing support!

    • Eric Niringiyumukiz

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      • winnie nguru

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        This is an insightful piece

        • Princess

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          Wow 👏, that's amazing

          • Sarah Chabane

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            Super informative! Thank you for sharing

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