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🌊 Discover "WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg Book" - Dive into the Depths of Ocean Advocacy! 📘 Embark on a journey of discovery with the compelling narrative of "WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg Book." Crafted from the collaborative efforts of Lisa Rave, Anne-Marie Melster, Julia Moritz, and a consortium of esteemed contributors, this book encapsulates the essence of ocean advocacy through art, science, and education.

Why You Should Dive In: Multifaceted Exploration: Delve deep into the intersection of art and ocean conservation through essays, scientific insights, curatorial statements, and educational reflections. Uncover diverse perspectives that illuminate the urgent need for ocean protection. Renowned Contributors: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of leading voices in marine biology, art, and activism. From the profound insights of marine biologist Antje Boetius to the thought-provoking analyses of writers like TJ Demos and Stefanie Hessler, each contribution enriches the dialogue on ocean sustainability. Stunning Design: Experience the visual allure of Studio Anugraha's graphic design, meticulously crafted to complement the book's narrative. Through their dedication to sustainable production, every page embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship. Get Your Copy Today: Don't miss your chance to own this invaluable resource for ocean advocacy. Order your copy of "WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg Book" now from Les Presses du Réel here and join us in championing the cause of marine sustainability. Available in both English and German editions, this book promises to ignite your passion for preserving our planet's most precious resource. 🌊 Together, Let's Make Waves for a Sustainable Future! 📘 Buy Now:

The editor Anne-Marie Melster was supported by the curator Lina Vincent. Thanks to the participants of the @postcodelotterie #postcodelotterie #postcodeeffekt #studioanugraha #bookdesign #print #production #research #sustainability #sustainable #climatechange #collaborative #London #mumbai #weareocean_berlin_brandenburg @unoceandecade #weareocean #Berlin #brandenburg @ioc_unesco @un_ozeandekade_deutschland @clbberlin @tba21academy @nuttaburn @rave__l @tjdemos @steffihessler @fsantorina @annemariemelster #antjeboetius @awiexpedition @bzo_velten @berlinickebeichten @mareymann
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