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We Accelerate Learning for All
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One vision that resonates strongly with me is the idea of collaborating to scale up this program rapidly. I aspire to shine a spotlight on DEVI Sansthan and the ALfA method as a leading platform for swift literacy and mathematics acquisition that we can introduce to the world right now. The goal is to identify a suitable avenue to present this at COP 28 in Dubai. Additionally, I am committed to revisiting my past experiences in Egypt and the legacy of COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh.
Within this context, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal #4 (Quality Education) and Goal #13 (Climate Action), are not isolated objectives but intricately interlinked. To truly attain Goal #4, we must integrate climate consciousness and sustainability into a broader framework. All SDGs are interlinked, and in leveraging the system dynamics between the goals and the framework, the ALfA method will also bring forward a global citizenship and a true peace culture into manifestation.
Peace and Climate must be flagged at COP28, and education is the catalyst.
Get in touch if you agree - it is 4 You!

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