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Climate change in Africa calls for scientific dialogue, exchange.

        Africa, like many regions around the world, is facing the undeniable impacts of climate change. The continent's diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity are particularly vulnerable to these changes, posing a significant threat to the livelihoods and well-being of millions of people who depend on natural resources for their survival. From prolonged droughts and extreme weather events to rising temperatures and sea levels, the effects of climate change are already being felt across the continent. According to a Frontiers Study, 20 percent of Africa’s land surface (6.6 million km2) — an area twice the size of India — is degraded. While Africa’s population is projected to quadruple by 2100, the effects of climate change will be severe and environmental conflict is projected to rise sharply. These changes will not only severely impact biodiversity but also the life and livelihoods of Africans. For example, by 2100, more than half of Africa’s bird and mammal species could be lost and the productivity of Africa’s lakes could decline by 20–30 percent. Conservation and biodiversity are intricately linked to climate change. Rising temperatures, altered precipitation patterns, and extreme events pose a significant threat to wildlife, ecosystems, and delicate habitats.

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  • johnte ndeto

    46 w

    Widespread of information will create awareness

    • Richard Orengo

      46 w

      Involvement of media creates awareness

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