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Half of all new buses will be electric in 2022, worldwide
By: Thijs Ten Brinck
Last year, no less than 49% of all new buses sold worldwide were equipped with a battery-electric drive. Colin Mcckerracher, lead automotive and transportation analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

Not every electric vehicle has 4 wheels
You can hardly have missed the fact that 80% of new cars in Norway in 2022 were electric. But Norway is a rich country, with only 5.4 million inhabitants.

However, the rise of electric transport is certainly not a local phenomenon. Worldwide, 13% of new cars sold in 2022 will be electric. And with scooters and motorcycles it goes even faster, already 39% (!) in that market electric. Worldwide.

Even more impressive is the rise of electric buses. In that area, we in the Netherlands have been a true pioneer and leader, but the whole world is now fully involved in that too. No less than 49% of the buses were completely emission-free in 2022.
Electric buses are brilliant
Every year buses cover many more kilometers than cars and transport many more passengers than cars. And buses, on average, travel much more in urban environments than cars. In short, with electric buses you not only achieve a major climate gain, but also a major gain for air quality and public health.

And electric buses are affordable. Precisely because they are used so well, the energy and maintenance costs count heavily in the total cost of ownership (TCO). The costs of electricity and maintenance of electric motors are considerably lower than the costs of fuel and maintenance of internal combustion engines.

Many countries that cannot afford an effective incentive program for electric cars – such as the Netherlands and Norway – do have sufficient economic strength to continue with electric public transport now. And that happens a lot. It can hardly be missed that this year will be the first year that more than half of all new buses are emission-free. Worldwide. And that is really wonderful.
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    Good news.

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