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Transformation of a Barren land in an Arid region to thriving Mini-Rainforest

The global guide of Heartfulness, Kamlesh Patel (fondly known as Daaji) with the help of experts & volunteers has initiated the 'Forests by Heartfulness' initiative that aims to contribute to Reforestation & Afforestation across the country. One of their success stories is of ecological conservation & transformation of a barren piece of land on the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad into a thriving green belt & rainforest. The land with porous soil, bare minimum vegetation & few mm rainfall is now cocered with abundant greenery that includes endangered and endemic Native plant species of India. This video will take you on a journey of this success story and how the initiative aims to propagate this to the rest of the country. Video link -

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  • Marine Stephan


    93 w

    I love it! So great

    • Edwin wangombe


      93 w

      This encouraging...and shows that anything is possible

      • Peter Kamau


        93 w

        From barrenness to productiveness👏👏👏.What an awesome stride in ensuring a substantial forest cover is achieved and degraded land is put into good use. This is a great measure of application of Nature-Based-Solutions.

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