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Honda reusing vehicle fuel cells to build 500 kW stationary fuel cell system.

Honda has unveiled a new stationary fuel cell power station at its corporate campus in Torrance, California. The demonstrator will provide backup power to the campus data center and will be powered by green hydrogen.
“The demonstration stationary fuel cell unit has a capacity of approximately 500 kW and reuses the fuel cell systems of previously leased Honda Clarity Fuel Cell vehicles, with a design that allows the output to increase every 250 kW packaged with four fuel cells,” Honda said in a statement. “It features the flexibility to change the layout of the fuel cell units to suit the installation environment and to accommodate cubic, L-shaped, Z-shaped, and other packaging configurations.”
The Japanese group said the Clarity Fuel Cell's fuel cell stack is four times more impact-resistant than other fuel cells, as it supports the cells with a fastening bar. It is designed to prevent hydrogen leakage in collisions. The Clarity fuel cell features a fuel cell powertrain, a hydrogen/air supply system, an air compressor, a fuel cell voltage converter unit (FCVCU) and a drive motor.
“With the Clarity Fuel Cell, improved cell performance allows a 30% reduction of the number of cells, and improved cell structure allows a 20% size reduction of each cell,” said the company. “These improvements lead to a 33% smaller fuel cell stack.”

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  • Patrik Lobergh

    67 w

    Good if they are used to replace diesel generators at Data Centers

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