Climate warning


27 w


Climate warning

Hey VW, we love your IDs, but EVs do not have zero emissions

💚 To make it clear we at @enablesus support VW's EV strategy and progress which is one of the more ambitious in the auto industry. 🖤 However, this add is misleading (it is from Instagram in Denmark on 27th Nov. 2022, and there are a few similar ones from VW). It is misleading because no EV is zero emissions. First, every vehicle has embodied emissions from it's manufacture. Typically btw. 4 and 5 tCO2 per vehicle. Second, electricity from charging is not zero emissions. With the exception of systems directly connected to renewable or nuclear power plants, which not many homes have 🙂 That being said EVs in North America and Europe do have x2 - x10 less climate impact than efficient fossil fuel cars. The best impact for EVs is found in 🇸🇪 Sweden and 🇳🇴Norway.

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  • Daryl Cleary

    27 w

    Zero TAILPIPE emissions

    • Sarah Chabane

      27 w

      Very true! They need to be called out for this

      • Douglas Marett

        27 w

        Correct about the emissions, but the VW ID.Buzz has x7 less emissions than the VW Caravelle (in Denmark)

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