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Let African countries copy from Rwanda to keep mother nature clean from too much rubbish littering onthe roads

Rubbish on the roads can be avoided if people only allow to keep clean like they would do in their households. " Any thing you could not do in your immidiate home, should not be done in public! " The too much rubbish littering on the roads ends in the trenches and during the heavy rain seasons, there are lots of floods especially in Kampala slums where a big population stays leading to death and property destructions. If only the gorvenments should put strict rules in many countries like it is in Rwanda,this risk can be solved. While in Rwanda you can't see plastics, polythenes or any litter on the roads, like in other developing countries, It is time now to copy from them and put it in practice for the purpose of protecting mother nature.

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  • Peter Kamau

    86 w

    Rwanda is leading the way and it's E.A sister countries should take after not only in waste management but also emulate in setting aside car-free-days too.

    • Santosh S

      86 w

      The sad part is the complete lack of awareness in rural areas about plastic pollution and it's effects on the environment. Keeping rural clean and plastic free is a must. Let's not forget that agriculture is the most important occupation of people in rural areas. The situation in rural areas among African countries is similar to how it is in India 🇮🇳

      • Fredrick Nundu

        87 w

        I challenge president Ruto of Kenya to go and make an executive order to make littering on the streets illegal as the case in Rwanda

        • Kihm Francis

          87 w

          It's so sad to see such kind of pictures, taking care of our environment is not a duty let's make it a lifestyle

          • Namande Prossy

            87 w

            @frankoh_kihm_080 true as an activist I had to take this photo so that more and more people in Africa are able to take care of mother nature by practicing what they do in their immediate house holds even in public places, that way we will be able to make change in more communities world wide.......

            • Patrick Kiash

              80 w

              @namande_prossy if the culture starts with us individually, it can be replicated to others, and it should starts with us educating our fellows.

            • Tabitha Kimani

              87 w

              We lack the good will of governments. Rwanda is so clean and law and order is followed. The other member countries are quite chaotic.

              • Namande Prossy

                87 w

                @tabitha_kimani hope lots of African governments get to pick a leaf from Rwanda, it is the only way to go if we want to take care of mother nature.....

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