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"France, clearly, is going to burn this week!": an unusual tone for a French weather presenter

While a pre-summer heatwave hits France this week, the French weather presenter Marc Hay changed his tone during his weather reports and became more alarmist. “I decided a few days ago to stop using my usual tone, which I find, as the months go by, a bit lame. It doesn't work anymore. People have to understand that France, clearly, is going to burn this week!" he warned. "People in Toulouse told me on the phone that they were suffocating. Of course, we are suffocating: 37 degrees! Who wants to have 37 degrees in mid-June?" Temperatures will reach 42 degrees in the South of France for one of its earliest heatwaves. "I think we need to change the way we talk about this because it does not print. And clearly, people need to realize that what is happening is just the tip of the iceberg," added Marc Hay. “What happened in 2019 is happening again, and what's happening right now is going to happen again. The summer is just beginning, other heatwaves are possible and all this will get worse.” And he is right. This is just the beginning, we don’t have time and we need to act against climate change now! This is quite an unexpected and unusual stance in France when the mainstream media still use photos of beaches and vacations to illustrate the current heat wave and global warming (see: Watch his interview (FR):

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  • Patrick Kiash

    88 w

    Hearing it might get worse is worrisome.

    • Ben Vost

      89 w

      We got to 43°C on Friday here near Bordeaux. It was unbearable, but we had electricity, fans, and good water. We weren't in any danger, but there are millions of people that aren't so lucky.

      • Marine Stephan

        89 w

        Yes, I've read about that. And some parts of France (around Bordeaux maybe but I don't remember exactly) broke the record temperature for June and July... this is crazy and just the beginning

      • Sarah Chabane

        89 w

        :( this is so worrisome, it's great that some people are realizing it but we need more

        • Phillip Matavu

          89 w

          Am wondering why bun some journalists let them work independently to inform the people on the climate damages

          • Colleen Brennan-Vandersteen

            89 w

            If people truly feel We Don't Have Time then fix finance/investment/capital they think small, slow and little money! Priority, Urgency and Big Money needed with Sophistication! Can't find it! Save Our Planet Refillery addressing global packaging waste cisis at the source WDHT, where is speed to funding?

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