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- Plastic imports in Cameroon: 121.5 million tonnes per year
- Recycling rate: 0.21%
- Plastic producers in Cameroon: about 100, including OK PLAST CAM producing 24 million tonnes and PRIMA DEE LITE producing 10 million tonnes per year
- Types of polymers present in Cameroon: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PI, and PS
- Average amount of plastic in circulation in Cameroon: over 120 million tonnes per year
- Challenges in conducting research: confidentiality of information on domestic plastic production, refusal to collaborate or share information, lack of knowledge on chemical additives, non-compliance with labeling principles for plastic products
- Recommendations: increase the cost of managing single-use plastics, support recycling initiatives, provide means of protection against toxins in plastics, ratify the Basel Amendment.
By Action des Femmes pour une planète Bio
  • Jengaj John

    47 w

    The Cameroon Government must develop implementation plans to stop plastic pollution.

    • Sarah Chabane

      47 w

      These are scary statistics

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