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The Creativity Factor through Walking Garry Pratt is my guest on Episode 172 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Links in Bio LinkTree 🌳 to Podcasts. Garry is the co-founder of Earswitch, an innovative sensor technology start-up. He was previously Entrepreneur in Residence and a Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the University of Bath, where he ran an accelerator programme that supported high-tech, high-growth digital start-ups in areas such as med-tech, AR/VR and AI. Garry has held senior positions in the pre-dotcom tech world across the US and Europe and is the co-founder of Teachit, a leading educational digital content provider. The Creativity Factor offers scientific and practical evidence for entrepreneurial creativity, with advice on the mechanisms, habits, and techniques that develop this skill. This uniquely holistic guide will provide you with a newfound awareness of your creative potential and how it can lead to business success. Jan. 24th is US Book Launch

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