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Introduction I once saw this movie called Lagaan, the film was made to depict alternate events on fighting for independence. The scenes are all about drought and Sports, but wait!!! Sports! Climate change!! How do this two element connect?. Well the films expounded on the people and the spirit of those people, fighting for freedom and securing their basic needs which is their harvest. Actually the movie is about the tax enforced to the harvest, that sparks a revolution. Okay, the film was done 22yrs ago and it set in the 19th century. So when i saw this film i felt something, i felt the human spirit is connected to Nature and we are one with Nature. The film expounded on the idea of uniting to fight a common enemy and how do u fight without shedding blood, yes! Sports. Background Having traveled 12000km across and around East Africa by road and water, i have seen in first hand the effects of Climate change on human behavior and psychology. The issue of mental well-being isn’t new since COVID came into picture but it’s clearly seen as the effects of climate change can be seen in the humans faces. The heat, the sweat, the dryness, the eyes, the body, everything speaks a language of frustration and Heat. Most of this individual don’t know what’s happening we all blame nature yet we don’t understand that it is us who created this reality. Energy Camera, projector, internet and action. The fact that we live in a tech world proves how easy and effective life is all around the globe. Though not in most communities around East Africa energy is a problem. The heat in this places and the wind are in abundance yet most households aren’t using renewable energy. The boy who harnessed the wind is a great movie on how a boy can change a community using renewable energy. You can imagine how many families wish for this, thats why every parents works so that their child will get good and practical education. visual classrooms are more entertaining and attractive to all who want to learn something new, its not limited to the young but all who have the dream of bettering their skills. Adaptation Global warming affects not only our bodies but our minds too. A healthy body is a healthy mind, sports is a great instrument in helping the body adapt throughout the changing environment. Challenges between communities and communities coming together in playing an outsider will bring unity in identifying thats the problem isn’t an individual, a community, a country or a continent but the whole world. Its Film which accelerated the age of information and education. Its sports which brought sportsmanship. Its time for Film to influence communities and also educate every soul on the calamity ready to befall us and how to prevent it.

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