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Supporting youths to engage in agribusiness to help them get livelihood especially those that are struggling with life.

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African development bank group sets aside funds to help farmers especially the youths to start agribusiness
It has approved an equity investment of about 2.8 billionshs,the funding approved on 6th June this year was provided by the European union under it's partnership with the bank.The demand for micro,small and medium enterprises financing remains unmet in Kenya and was disrupted by COVID 19 pandemic.This boost will help many young people and women who are struggling in many areas due to lack of employment,this will largely create employment and ease their livelihood conditions.

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  • Richard S

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    • Grace Njeri

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      The benefits include reduced greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions and the potential for increased incomes for farmers.

      • rosebellendiritu

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        @grace_njeri_804 and hence raising living standards of people

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