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Just a little while, and Nextbuilders BV will finally start building my tiny house that will be located in Gorredijk, 🥳 Friesland Netherlands

By Renske Holwerda
Currently I am ticking off the final details and of course I want to make as many sustainable choices as possible that fit within the limited space I have (28 m2) and my budget (mortgage is not possible because it is initially a project for 10 years, so I have to pay 😉 for everything out of my own pocket)
Choices I've already made: 👉 wood construction with wood fiber insulation. Winter warm, summer cool 😍 👉 water bag from JustNimbus zodat I can flush my toilet and wash my clothes with rainwater (now only the preparations, the water bag will follow later).
👉 a Greengridz countertop: more durable and stronger than plywood
👉 a beautiful marmoleum floor made of Forbo Flooring Systems (consists of 97% natural and renewable raw materials, CO2-neutral production without compensation)
👉 heating with an air conditioning/air-to-air heat pump from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. I hope to use the cooling function as little as possible by applying wood fiber insulation (keeps the heat out for a long time) and sun protection. In addition, I have a fantastic fan of Clean Air Optima International B.V.. I optimize the use of the heat pump with a Sensibo Air Pro.
👉 PV system with a hybrid inverter to which I can connect a battery directly in the future with as little conversion loss as possible. Unfortunately, I do heat tap water with an electric boiler (COP 1), because I don't have a place and/or budget for an air-water heat pump (probably also a bit of overkill in my situation) or a heat pump boiler. Perhaps the water battery from Solyx Energy is still an option. This heats tap water with unused solar energy. I have quite a few people in my network who do something with sustainability, so I'm curious about your additional tips 😁 And yes, below you can see my tiny house
👇 #tinyhouse #gorredijk #opsterland #biobased #ecologisch #duurzaamheid #duurzaamhuis

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  • winnie nguru

    51 w


    • Sarah Chabane

      51 w

      Super cool!

      • Ford Brodeur

        51 w

        I regret not making the trek from The Hague to Friesland while I was studying. Everyone I've spoken to has told me it's such an unique part of the country. I hope you enjoy your tiny house there!


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