Why we must invest in science-based climate solutions-Tradewater at Climate Week NYC

At this year’s Climate Week NYC, Tradewater attended multiple events to spread the word about our high-impact climate solutions. We were invited to present at several events, including a panel discussion at the Action Speaks Summit, where we highlighted how crucial it is to invest in short-term emissions reduction projects.
During Climate Week NYC, the city of New York opened up for conversations on climate solutions, and at Tradewater we took the opportunity to speak about non-CO2 greenhouse gases and the importance of scaling up solutions like ours to prevent them from being released into the atmosphere, as much as possible, and as quickly as possible.
Climate Week is an annual event hosted by the nonprofit organization The Climate Group, gathering leaders from the business and policy worlds to discuss solutions to the climate crisis in parallel with the United Nations General Assembly summit in New York.
Kirsten Love and a panel of experts discussing science-based climate solutions
Kirsten Love and a panel of experts discussing science-based climate solutions

As one of our engagements, our Director of Market Development, Kirsten Love, participated in a panel discussion at Ingka Group’s Action Speaks Summit which focused on climate capital and how to fund science-based climate solutions. Our message was clear: investing in climate solutions is important, but it's critical that we increase demand for the climate benefits that come along with near-term, science-based solutions. This is because we need upfront capital that can allow these solutions to scale, but in order to fund them, we need to see a substantial rise on the demand side.

“If we don’t have a planet, business doesn’t happen”

So far, we have prevented non-CO2 gases representing over 6.7 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from reaching the atmosphere. We are currently scaling upon a pathway towards reaching 22 million tons of CO2 equivalent reduction over the next few years. The critical factor for us to scale is the demand from companies, organizations, and individuals who value the climate benefits associated with our work.
It is important for investors and offset buyers to understand that investing in short-term solutions is a way of protecting their other investments. There is no business on a dead planet, and the short-term solutions give us the time we need to implement the long-term sustainability solutions needed to solve the climate crisis. We see this as an investment with planetary returns, that allow you to continue doing business on a healthy planet.
Transparency is key in these projects. We need to make sure that everyone knows what the climate benefits of their investments are, from investors to corporations to consumers. Not everyone will get it right at first, but as a society, we need to move towards doing our best, learning, reiterating, and then trying again. As Kirsten put it during the panel, “we don’t have time to be quiet and to sit back and wait, we need to put our best foot forward.”
If you want to watch the full conversation, you can find it here.

Continuing the conversation on climate financing

During Climate Week NYC, we had many conversations and meetings to expand our partnerships, focusing on solutions and what we need in order to scale them. Apart from presenting in the panel and exhibition space at the Action Speaks Summit, we sponsored and presented at the Marketplace of the Future to highlight 40 companies with innovative climate solutions. During these exhibitions, we were able to show the urgency of addressing non-CO2 gases through presentations, displays of the rusted old canisters of refrigerants that we collect all over the world, and a video about Tradewater.
We were very happy to be a part of these inspiring events in New York, but the work is still ahead of us. More funding needs to be funneled into short-term solutions, and the carbon market is an important puzzle piece. If you want to support Tradewater's efforts to pull the emergency brake on catastrophic climate change today, you can get started at

  • Sarah Chabane

    35 w

    “If we don’t have a planet, business doesn’t happen” that should be an alarm bell for many out there! Super interesting insights from Climate Week NYC, thanks for sharing!

    • mercy nduta

      35 w

      Science-based climate solutions are undeniably good for the planet.

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