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NASA has verified that the summer of 2023 has surpassed all previous records since 1880, establishing a noteworthy point in the persistent increase in temperatures, largely attributed to human-induced climate changes. The statistics are unambiguous; each month of the summer of 2023 set new temperature highs. July 2023 was not only the pinnacle of this summer but also the warmest month documented in the annals of NASA's GISTEMP dataset. Furthermore, June and August of this year were the warmest ever experienced for their respective months. The road ahead promises to be challenging. The climate emergency necessitates immediate and decisive action, a need that is underscored now more than ever. We are equipped with both the knowledge and the means to mitigate this crisis and foster a more sustainable global environment. What remains absent, however, is a collective awareness and the will to institute meaningful change.…

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    Now that we have these facts, what do we do about it?

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