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Climate warning

Sweltering temperatures bake central US as heatwave expected to continue

Sweltering temperatures lingered on Sunday in a large swath of the central US, causing misery from the Gulf of Mexico almost to the Great Lakes. Record high temperatures were recorded in Texas and other states. People were told to chug extra water while mowing lawns or exercising outdoors, and to check on neighbors to ensure air conditioning is available.

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  • Christina Carlmark

    47 w

    How much does it take for people to really change their ways? For people to understand that the only way back is through radical change?

    • Patrik Lobergh

      47 w

      @Christina_Carlmark People are not willing to give up their ways of living their lives for the last 30-40 years and no world leaders told them to change. Now the world's leaders need to tell people that we all need to radically change our habits in an unison act of taking care of our planet and ourselves. Only G20, BRICS and UN could impose this, unisonely and at the same time

    • Lucinda Ramsay

      47 w

      Air conditioning is a necessary evil and counterproductive, spewing out more heat and emissions to cool interiors. It's frightening how oppresive the heat is Why on earth are people mowing lawns in a heatwave?? I hope every American votes in 2024..

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