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Another Climate Warning & A Sad Reality About Agencies (As Well As Corporations) Like Coastline

July 6, 2023
The fact is that a person like myself has really been trying to have an agency like Coastline use reusable containers even during the first year that my immediate family members started receiving meals on wheels (2020). I even contacted the chief executive officer, Mr. Justin Lees, just once, but obviously, of course, there was no response from him. I had a very good, constructive conversation, today, with a representative at the Conservation Law Foundation about the aforementioned. It is just quite easy to state, "Oh. Well.", and just give up, but honestly the aforementioned is NOT 'ever' an option. The planet is becoming much more increasingly hotter, and it just now a moral imperative/obligation for climate advocates to not only sound the alarm, but do whatever it will take to address/solve this particular planetary/humanitarian (every living creature) emergency so multitudinous future generations WILL definitely 'always' have a 100$ habitable, safe environment (cleaner air and clean water) ('Plastic Free') (It is also of course 'Plastic Free' July!). The time to act is NOW, and every day really matters, whatever we can all do, to 'finally' solve the climate emergency. I am not quite sure what it is going to take, but people like myself, now, are using every single climate solving resource to really help bring light on agencies like Coastline who continually, as the following article also states, focus just solely on their bottomline (profit margins) over both people and the planet. And that, ladies and gentlemen, MUST change as the time is NOW to, again, address/solve the climate emergency. Have a good weekend! And please continue to stay safe and keep cool!

The following article really is right on about a majority of corporations - the sad, alas, reality.
"Corporations Can't Be Greened"
By Erin Remblance (July 06 2023)

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  • Munene Mugambi

    53 w

    I think Coastline Elderly Services have to listen to this

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