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A paper I wrote with Aimee Delach, Talia Niederman, and Renee Albrecht on climate-related sensitivities of threatened animals was just published in the journal Biological Conservation:

We found that all but one U.S. animal species listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act are sensitive to one or more climate change effects, but most of their recovery plans fail to account for this. Dedicated funding from the Inflation Reduction Act can help correct the shortfall, and just recently, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service updated their rules to allow establishment of "experimental" populations in areas outside their historic range, but providing suitable habitat in the future. Forward-looking recovery plans and actions, and sufficient funding to carry them out, are needed to ensure the survival of U.S. endangered and threatened species.
  • Lucinda Ramsay

    49 w

    A very thorough piece of research, thank you for the work you and your colleagues do so that we have this information and contribution toward better understanding the impact human beings have on biodiversity and threatened species.

    • Harrison wambui

      49 w

      A very nice move

      • Harrison wambui

        49 w

        A very nice move

        • bonke reinhard

          49 w

          A milestone innovation

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