João Caetano Souza Horta's post

During my early childhood, my grandfather took me to one of his farms in the city of Águas Lindas de Goiás. I remember that long before that I already loved plants. That place only helped me continue to enjoy plants. It was there that the idea for the Amiga Árvore project emerged. The name of the farm was Lago Azul and the farmhouse was pink with blue windows and a cute roof. Around the house there were many gardens with an incredible variety of flowers. I remember that one of the things I liked most to do there was spend part of the afternoon alone in a pine forest behind the house, where I got to lie down on the pine straw to contemplate the weather. But for dark reasons, my grandfather had to sell this farm in a hurry when I was 9 years old. I went back there 7 years later and there was still a rose on the lawn and after that day I started to design a stamp that has a lot of subliminal messages and I thought it was just a drawing.

  • Sarah Chabane

    7 w

    Thanks for sharing! This is a great story and beautiful drawing :) Where do you come from?

    • João Caetano Souza Horta

      6 w

      @sarah_chabane_874 I was born in Brasília, Brazil but I am also a European citizen because of my ancestors. I live here in Brazil

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