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A main challenge that governments, companies, etc face is convincing people of the reality of climate change, even when it is impacting them directly. Here is a contribution towards that educational effort. If you find it useful, please pass it along. The people most affected by climate change are the people most likely to vote for government representatives who either deny that climate change is real or oppose any legislation that might slow it down. Such voters are loosing their homes in fires, floods, storms, and tornados. They have family, friends, and neighbors who are being injured or killed by climate accelerated disasters. Yet they vote against doing anything about it. Year after year. Perhaps Hurricane Ian is a breaking point? Here is an effort and communicating about this situation using images, story telling, and metaphor. [https://youtu.be/99oNbozKIno](https://youtu.be/99oNbozKIno?fbclid=IwAR0jR1mMd-Htz5sXk_2abTzGrCpw2OK0XfK7q_Zbf6OoWcRiH3KsFGwETdU) By :@Seth Bernstein

  • Gorffly mokua

    29 w

    I absolutely Agree with @Seth. The level of ignorance of our people is worrying!! Sad Truth!!

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