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Wind blade recycling

Wind blade recycling, a new challenge for global energy - Iberdrola - Iberdrola

In the next 5 years, around 14.000 blades could be dismantled in Europe, discover the most developed technologies for the recycling of wind blades.

The useful life of a wind turbine is around 25 years, although it can usually be extended to 30 years if the investment in maintenance is adequate. Most of its components are recyclable, although the challenge lies in recycling the wind blades efficiently.

Different projects and initiatives are being developed to promote blade recycling through different technologies. There are currently three main types of recycling applicable to wind blade components:

1. Mechanical recycling:
This involves shredding - usually after separation - the materials so that they can be reused, often as filler material, mainly in building materials or plastics. Techniques such as mechanical grinding or high-voltage pulse shredding are often used.

2. Thermal recycling:
In this case, the blades are incinerated, producing energy and decomposing the composites. This process preserves certain characteristics of the fibrous materials, making them suitable for later use.

3. Chemical recycling:
For chemical recycling, techniques such as fluidised bed or solvolysis are used which, by means of solvents and thermal processes, separate the resins from the fibres so that both materials can be reused.
In addition to promoting the development of effective and efficient techniques for blade recycling, it is also important to encourage the use of recycled composite materials, for which regulatory adaptations and business motivations are needed. And, going one step further, it is important to advance in research so that these recycled materials can in turn be used in new wind blades, thus achieving greater circularity in the industry.

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