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Ambitious Saudi plans to ramp up Hajj could face challenges from climate change

Saudi Arabia has ambitious plans to welcome millions more pilgrims to Islam’s holiest sites. But as climate change heats up an already scorching region, the annual Hajj pilgrimage — much of which takes place outdoors in the desert — could prove even more daunting. The increased number of pilgrims, with the associated surge in international air travel and infrastructure expansion, also raises sustainability concerns, even as the oil giant pursues the goal of getting half its energy from renewable resources by 2030.

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  • winnie nguru

    51 w

    Saudi Arabia needs to wake up and smell the coffee.We need active participation from them on matters climate change

    • George Kariuki

      51 w

      It is crucial to strike a balance between accommodating more pilgrims and ensuring the preservation of the natural resources and ecosystems of the region.

      • Komu Daniel

        51 w

        Saudi has never been serious on climate change matters, I think its time they see the need

        • Munene Mugambi

          51 w

          Highly doubt anything changes on their end

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