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Exciting #SET100 News: NanoSUN and IIT Hydrogen Bolzano Launch Groundbreaking Hydrogen Mobility Initiative in Italy! 💨 In a landmark move for sustainable transport, #SET21 standout NanoSUN has partnered with IIT Hydrogen Bolzano to roll out the pathfinder initiative, bringing NanoSun's innovative 'Pioneer' mobile hydrogen refuelling station to Italy. This collab sets out to explore reliable, and cost-effective hydrogen refuelling infrastructure across a range of hydrogen applications in Itlay. What Sets NanoSUN Apart? 💧 NanoSUN is "Refuelling on the Go" to another level! with their Pioneer mobile hydrogen refuelling stations, they deliver transportation-grade hydrogen directly to vehicles. 🌱 The start-up is all about making green hydrogen energy practical and scalable, NanoSUN's novel cascade method combines innovation with sustainability, focusing on accelerating the adoption of hydrogen vehicles by providing rapid, low-cost deployment of refuelling infrastructure. The Pathfinder initiative marks a significant leap towards a decarbonized future in Italy and beyond, and we couldn't be more thrilled for NanoSun! Find out more 👉

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