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Wil Sillen

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The 2022 Global Report of the Lancet Countdown The health of people around the world is at the mercy of a persistent fossil fuel addiction. People around the world are increasingly feeling the impact of climate change on their health and wellbeing and these compounding crises are amplifying those harms. Yet governments and companies in both high- and low-income countries continue to prioritise fossil fuel interests. This year’s report launches as countries and health systems grapple with the health, social and economic implications of climate change, which now compound the impacts of the the global energy crisis, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our 2022 Report tracks the relationship between health and climate change across five key domains and 43 indicators, revealing that the world is at a critical juncture. While a renewed overreliance on fossil fuels could lock in a fatally warmer future with exacerbated health impacts, a health-centred, low-carbon response offers a renewed opportunity to deliver a future in which world populations can not only survive, but thrive. Read more: https://www.lancetcountdown.org/2022-report/ https://www.lancetcountdown.org/about-us/interact-with-the-key-findings/

  • Patrick Kiash

    25 w

    In this critical juncture, I only wish government can do much beyond the reality of a fog.

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