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An ecological thriller denouncing the palm oil disaster - how cinema can help fight the climate crisis

This weekend I watched Édouard Bergeon's latest film, La Promesse Verte (The Green Deal in English), and I've been mad since then. In his new ecological thriller, he denounces the palm oil disaster, showing the shared responsibilities between Western politicians and Southeast Asian industries.
The film follows Martin, a sociology student obsessed with exposing the disaster of palm oil cultivation in Indonesia, and Carole, his mom as she tries to save the life of her son who has been wrongfully sentenced to death in a rigged trial.
Picture from La Promesse Verte's media kit
Picture from La Promesse Verte's media kit

This film paints an alarming picture of the palm oil industry, with primary forests gutted by bulldozers, and indigenous peoples repressed by private militias.

Deforestation in Borneo. Picture by Greenpeace International
Deforestation in Borneo. Picture by Greenpeace International

We've all seen pictures of devastated forests, of ravaged ecosystems, of wild animals having their habitat destroyed. And yet, palm oil can still be found in an enormous amount of everyday products. Just look in your kitchen cabinets, in your bathroom, in your cleaning products. It is everywhere.... even in so-called sustainable biofuels (a good reminder that we should keep global sustainability in mind when transitioning to a green and better society).
Knowing all the devastating effects of palm oil, why are we still using it? Why are we still producing it Well, the film gives us the beginning of an answer: lobby, power, and money.
If you understand French, you can watch this trailer:

Read Édouard Bergeon's great interview here:

Read more about deforestation in Borneo, Indonesia:

Some extra links about deforestation in Indonesia:

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  • George Kariuki

    1 w

    It's crazy how this everyday product is having such a devastating impact. Deforestation, habitat destruction, it's all horrific. Love that the film tackles the political and economic corruption behind it too.

    • walter lungayi

      1 w

      By shedding light on environmental issues, such films have the potential to inspire action and promote greater understanding of the urgent need for sustainable practices.

      • Princess

        1 w

        Cinema has a unique ability to engage and educate audiences, making it a powerful tool in the fight against the climate crisis.

        • Sarah Chabane

          1 w

          I hope I can get to see this one in Sweden!

          • dickson mutai

            1 w

            The film prompts us to confront the ethical implications of our consumption choices, it also instills hope by showcasing individuals who challenge the status quo and advocate for change .. good job

            • Marine Stephan

              1 w

              @dickson_mutai and on top of that, it is a great movie, with a great story, a beautiful photography. Definitely worth watching!

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