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Flood and droughts are growing concerns due to climate change. How do we create "water-safe cities"?

Water. Without it, life as we know it would not exist. But what happens in our cities when there is too much of it? Or too little?
Water availability and water safety in cities around the world are growing concerns due to climate change, urbanization, and population growth. Floods and droughts have impacted over 1.6 billion and 1.4 billion people, respectively, between 2000 and 2019. Extreme rainfall resulting in flash flooding or long-term drought conditions can affect any city, regardless of location. But the consequences of climate change go beyond just water issues. Sea-level rise and storm surges threaten to displace millions of people from coastal cities at a cost of over US$ 1 trillion annually by 2050.
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The impact of climate change on cities is an imminent threat that requires immediate attention from city leaders and their communities and the global network of mayor C40 cities is taking action. The Water Safe Cities report analyzes the future hazards of flooding and drought in 97 C40 cities by 2050 and the expected annual impact on populations, urban infrastructure, and the city's gross domestic product (GDP). And the numbers are staggering:
💧By 2050, more than 7.4 million people living in at-risk areas of the 97 C40 cities will be exposed to riverine flooding annually.
💧By 2050, more than 2,400 hospitals and healthcare facilities in C40 cities could be overwhelmed by flooding.
💧By 2050, it will cost C40 cities a combined US$111bn a year to replace the water lost from subsurface levels during drought.

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The report's interactive maps allow policymakers and officials to better understand the potential impacts of flooding and drought on their cities, healthcare, and on energy. The report also comes with good climate adaption and mitigation practices from cities around the world that take action to build resilient cities.
The well-being of urban citizens and the operation of critical city services are under threat from floods and drought and taking action to build water-safe cities for their residents will be key in the upcoming years.

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  • We Don't Have Time

    58 w

    Dear Sarah Chabane Thank you for getting your climate love to level 2! We have reached out to C40 Cities and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Adam We Don't Have Time

    • Johannes Luiga

      65 w

      Very important topic

      • Peter Karanga

        65 w

        cities can now sustainably manage water resources in order to minimize the risks associated with flooding and drought.

        • George Kariuki

          65 w

          The consequences of climate change are vast and can have a significant impact on cities around the world. It is essential that we develop strategies to create "water-safe cities" in order to mitigate the effects of floods and droughts, both of which are growing concerns due to climate change.

          • Joseph Githinji

            65 w

            It's time to build water safe cities, the future is build today

            • Munene Mugambi

              65 w

              We need to come up with water safe cities otherwise it will be unhabitable

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