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Workers lack protections when wildfire smoke makes the air dangerous

Millions of American workers have breathed in dangerous levels of air pollution this year as smoke from Canada’s record wildfire season blankets cities across the Northeast.

Now experts are calling on federal regulators to adopt standards protecting outdoor workers from worsening air quality, potentially modeled after the few states that have such standards, including California and Oregon.

Rules could require employers to monitor air pollution and provide protective equipment such as N95 masks on days when air quality levels fall below certain thresholds. 

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  • Annett Michuki..

    46 w

    Not only workers are affected but everyone living around Northeast

    • Videlis Eddie

      46 w

      The employers should protect the employees and be able to provide them with good equipments which will protect their respiratory system....

      • johnte ndeto

        46 w

        Proper gear should be put place for employees and should be a law

        • Joyce Waturu

          46 w

          The safety of fire brigadiers is quite paramount as they do their best to contain fires.It's not reasonable to smoke forests and lives at the same time due to recklessness.

          • Jengaj John

            46 w

            Employers and inspectors should be alert to protect the workers.

            • Munene Mugambi

              46 w

              This is why unions are so important as they protect the working class when ran well

              • Kevin

                46 w

                Employers should be coerced to provide proper equipment for their employees

                • rosebellendiritu

                  46 w

                  I think this can be solved wholy only when we all address the menace together because it affects everyone both employed and not employed.

                  • Ajema Lydiah

                    46 w

                    The employers should find suitable solutions to prevent employees from being exposed to intake of harmful oxygen

                    • Princess

                      46 w

                      Employers should provide proper respiratory protection equipment, such as dust masks of full facepiece respirators also implement a system for communicating wildfire smoke hazards in a language and manner readily understandable by all employees.

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