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Climate resilience: From the COP to our individual actions. Together with The Climate Reality Project Latin America, UN Environment Programme and the incredible participants of "La Tierra en Fuego" we talked about what the COP is, how we can all be part of climate action and shared my testimony as a young loss and damage negotiator at #COP27. Here are 3 valuable learnings from the "Climate Resilience" session at the Makesense Americas event in Mexico: 1️⃣ Collective resilience: Resilience lies in union and joint action. It is urgent to change the narrative and understand that we can all contribute to the solutions to climate change. This space was vital to understanding that collaboration takes different forms and that we can improve our actions by listening to the experiences of others. 2️⃣ Crisis of imagination: At the World Cafe we wanted to break the crisis of imagination by reimagining our role in our community. By sharing experiences, we realized that, within our individual circumstances and capabilities, we have more influence on climate solutions than we think. 3️⃣ Awareness and education: You don't need to be an expert in climate change or travel to the COP to make a difference. Perseverance and constant action are keys to a sustainable future. However, sharing and learning how the decisions at COP28 will affect us all is essential. How can we inform more people about what will happen at #COP28?

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