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CARBON FREE ELECTRICITY REDUCES PLASTIC POLLUTION ! 🌱 Climate Emergency Centre Network Wednesday Webinar 🌱 📅 April 17th 7-8pm Active Kinetic 1 a ground-breaking new approach to generating clean energy and it utilises recycled plastics.
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As we approach Earth day (April 22nd theme Earth vs Plastic) The problem… By the 2030’s; 50% electricity demand increase -UK Gov. 3 times more renewables needed, say International Energy Agency. Oceanic plastic to triple by 2025 Our approach: To accelerate a sustainable future, oceanic & even human movement can be utilised to generate electricity and avoid using fossil fuel or nuclear energy. New kinetic energy technology unlocks renewables, such as wave energy

. Even subtle river movement generates clean electricity.
Active Kinetic 1 energy technology is a major evolution in clean, affordable, recyclable, efficient energy and over 80% is manufactured from recycled plastics. Join its Inventor Andrew who will present the new energy technology, explain the new science of energy conservation and answer questions. 🌐 JOIN THE CALL JOIN THE MOVEMENT

Meeting ID: 845 8595 9527 Passcode: 937421

  • Holly Elwira Winnie

    2 w

    Nice information. More information here:

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      4 w

      Looking forward to this amazing webinar tonight.

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